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South Arkansas Fishing Report


Fish are biting in lakes all across the Natural State, say fishing guides

From the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission The water is still high along the Arkansas River.

The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Bass Fishing Team said all ramps are flooded. Stay off the river until further notice. But there’s still plenty of fishing to be had in the southern half of the state.

Austin Davidson, park interpreter at Cane Creek State Park, said stable weather means good fishing at Cane Creek Lake.

Bass have been reported biting topwater baits early in the morning and early afternoon. During the evening, as the light begins to fail, throw a black spinnerbait or buzzbait to attract a big largemouth from under cover along the shoreline.

Many anglers are also fishing for suspended bass at the moment. Use a crankbait or swimbait to fish in open water for suspended Kentucky bass. Bream are still biting mostly on crickets, although the sale of worms has increased quite drastically from the last week. Fish with a nightcrawler cast out from your position, using a slip bobber to suspend it in 3-6 feet of water. Crappie are still only biting in a few choice holes across the lake. Happen upon a deep spot with a brush pile at the bottom, and fish a shiner at about 6 feet to catch the crappie that are avoiding the warming water. Catfish have become more active with the amount of food that has been in the water as of late. Pungent, salty/sour baits seem to be doing great right now. Try soaking chicken skin in a mixture of crushed garlic, garlic salt and cheap beer and letting it set in the sun for a day or two to really drive the big blues crazy.

• Lake Chicot — Brian Whitson, park interpreter at Lake Chicot State Park (870-265-5480), says lake level is just a bit higher than normal, but not bad.

Bream are biting very well on crickets. Catfish are also biting well on crickets and worms.

• Millwood Lake — Mike Siefert at Millwood Lake Guide Service said Millwood Lake pool continues falling and as of Monday was 6 inches above normal pool. The Army Corps of Engineers made gate changes at the dam Monday and began releasing around 13,000 cfs, which could change again by midweek. The tailwater below the dam is also beginning to fall after its recent rise when the Red River backed up, and with USACE gates release at the dam it is around 244 feet msl. Water temps rose over the past week. Surface temps as of Monday ranged 74-83.

Good reactions from largemouth bass have occurred over the past few weeks early near dawn to mid-morning, and best activity is in the oxbows away from river current, on topwaters. Lily pads and grass convergences over primary or secondary underwater points and humps continue to provide respectable reactions and ambush points for bass. Buzzbaits, plastic frogs, Bass Assassin Shads, Magnum Pop-R’s and StutterSteps are all drawing topwater explosions at dawn up until near 9-10 a.m., in pads on the flats and in the creeks between 5-7 feet of depth.

The best locations over the past few weeks have been in the back of the oxbows where water conditions and clarity are best. The further away from Little River muddy current, seems to find the best Largemouth activity. Anywhere you find fresh lily pads, new grass, and stumps being prime locations.

Mike had no reports on white bass. Crappie, though, are beginning to recover and reposition themselves after the recent muddy rise and high current of Little River. Brush piles and standing timber are starting to attract the crappie again, as long as they are out of Little River current and flow.

Persistence is key, and vertical-jigging minnows can get you bites if you are patient. Fish in 9-15 feet depth away from current.

Blue catfish and channel cats continue biting well in Little River current on trotlines.

• Lake Greeson — Jason Lenderman of JL Guide Service (870-490-0804) says the lake level is almost 2 feet above full pool of 548 feet msl and falling until the rain this week.

Water temps have made it the 80s. The bass are in their summer patterns.

Bass have moved to the post-spawn and summer patterns and can be caught on Yum Pulse swimbaits and Super Spook Jr’s.

Shaky head-rigged Yum finesse worms working OK on main lake and secondary points leading into spawning areas. Concentrate on main lake points.

Crappie are REALLY good lately. They can be caught in brush 15-25 feet deep on minnows and jigs.

Tamara Lunsford, park superintendent at Daisy State Park near Kirby, said Lake Greeson’s surface water temperature Sunday was 85 degrees. The lake level is at normal pool., 548 feet msl. Bream are good. Use worms or jigs and fish the brush piles and around stumps. The bream are in 2-5 feet depth. Crappie are good and can be found in 10-20 feet depth.

Use minnows or jigs, and work your bait around the brush piles, stumps or rocky points. Black bass are good. They’ve been biting in 10-15 feet depth on spinnerbaits, plastic worms and will come up for some topwater action. Focus on the brush areas or at rocky points. Catfish are good on worms, blood bait and chicken liver. Fair reports on white bass.

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